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QE-II Victoria General Hospital Campus – Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

VG hospital would be the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA)
Renewable Resources
Project Management
Field Services
Electrical Engineering Studies
Project Title: 
Short Circuit and Protection Coordination Studies and Arc Flash Analyses
Services We Provided: 
- Electrical Engineering Studies
- Design and Specifications
- Field Services
- Project Management
Project Description

Performed short circuit and protection coordination studies and arc flash analyses for the QEII Health Sciences Centre

Scope of Work

The specific scope of the studies include the following elements:

  • Review/update/develop the Electrical Distribution System Single Line Diagrams.
  • Prepare a system impedance diagram and associated computer model of the associated electrical distribution systems.
  • Short Circuit Study: Determine the maximum prospective short circuit currents at all buses throughout the distribution systems. Compare the maximum prospective fault currents with the equipment ratings and identify deficiencies, if any.
  • Protection Coordination Study: Review the application of existing protective devices and their associated ratings/settings. Prepare protection coordination sheets for critical equipment and prepare a list of recommended settings.
  • Arc Flash Study: Determine arc flash energy at all buses throughout the distribution systems using the maximum prospective fault current values from the Short Circuit Study and the associated fault clearing times determined from the Protection Coordination Study. The arc flash values are determined using methods prescribed in the most recent release of CSA-Z462 entitled “Workplace Electrical Safety” and applicable IEEE standards, where appropriate.
  • Prepare a comprehensive report documenting the system data, results of analyses, conclusions and recommendations of the Short Circuit, Protection Coordination and Arc Flash Studies.
  • Review the preliminary arc flash energy and hazard category study results to determine if efforts should be made to lower the arc flash energies and hazard categories.
  • Preparation of Arc Flash labels for all buses throughout the distribution system.

Other clients for whom we have performed short circuit and protection coordination studies and arc flash analyses have included Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Bell Canada, Strait Crossing Bridge Limited (SCBL), Emergency Medical Care/ Emergency Health Services (EMC/EHS), Michelin North America (Canada) Inc, Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation, Martin Marietta Materials Canada, Little Narrows Gypsum Quarry, Engie, Capstone Infrastructure, Parks Canada and DSM Nutritional Products Inc.

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