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Kruger Line Protection

Cornerbrook Pulp and Paper
Renewable Resources
Project Management
Field Services
Electrical Engineering Studies
Project Title: 
Design, field testing and commissioning of new protection systems associated with the 69kV transmission lines between Deer Lake Power and Corner Brook Pulp and Paper
Services We Provided: 
- Electrical Engineering Studies
- Design and Specifications
- Field Services
- Project Management
Project Description

Project involves the design, field testing and commissioning of new protective relay systems for 69kV line protection on 50Hz and 60Hz transmission lines between the Deer Lake Generating Station and the Cornerbrook Pulp and Paper Plant.

Scope of Work

The specific scope of the project includes the following elements:

  • Review existing protection systems
  • Prepare specification for new protective relays and ancillary equipment
  • Prepare detailed design drawings and specifications for demolition of existing protection equipment and installation of the new protective relays
  • Carry out protection coordination study and prepare relay settings files.
  • Apply settings files to relays, field test relays with applied settings, primary injection testing of voltage and current circuits, commissioning of completed upgraded systems 
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