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Manulife Financial

Manulife Financial
Renewable Resources
Project Management
Field Services
Electrical Engineering Studies
Project Title: 
Manulife Financial Lighting Audit and Upgrades
Services We Provided: 
- Electrical Engineering Studies
- Design and Specifications
- Field Services
- Project Management
Project Description

This project involved an audit of the lighting system in two high rise and one low rise office Manulife buildings located at Maritime Place in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Scope of Work

An audit of a typical office floor in each of the buildings was carried out. Data on fixture types, quantities and hours of operation was conducted.  Three options for the upgrade of the lighting system in the buildings were analyzed. The options considered were; retrofitting of the existing fixtures with new electronic ballasts, T8 lamps, lenses and specular reflectors; installation of two types of replacement fixtures. Two types of new fixtures were considered, a very efficient fixture with T 5 lamps and a fixture with T8 lamps, lower efficiency and lower cost. Light level calculations were carried out for each option based on target illumination levels established by Manulife. Cost estimates and payback analysis, both simple and discounted, were prepared based on the proposed lighting system changes.

This project involved the development of a plan for the upgrade of the lighting systems in the three buildings to improve efficiency and reduce costs for power and energy.

Pictures of the Project
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