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Maritime Electric Company Limited System Impact Study

Maritime Electric Company Limited
Renewable Resources
Project Management
Field Services
Electrical Engineering Studies
Project Title: 
Maritime Electric Company Limited Capacitor Bank System Impact Study
Services We Provided: 
- Electrical Engineering Studies
- Design and Specifications
- Field Services
- Project Management
Project Description

Engineering services related to a system impact study associated with the proposed installation of capacitor banks at selected locations in the Maritime Electric Company Limited power system. The system impact study was used to determine the feasibility of installing the proposed capacitor banks in the 69kV transmission system and to serve as a reference document for the detailed design.

Scope of Work

The specific scope of the project included the following elements:

  • Prepared a computer model of the existing Maritime Electric Company Limited power system.
  • Using the computer model and Power Quality software, analyzed the performance of Maritime Electric Company Limited's power system with the proposed capacitor banks installed and determined the resonant frequencies. This analysis was carried out in several iterations, based on different operating configurations of the power system.
  • Carried out harmonic loadflow studies, including harmonic current contributions from the various wind farm sources interconnected with the Maritime Electric Company Limited transmission system.
  • Evaluated the design parameters of the proposed capacitor banks to detune them from resonant frequencies and evaluated the effect of harmonic filters on the performance of the power transmission system. Frequency scan analyses and harmonic loadflow analyses were repeated, as necessary during these evaluations.
  • Reviewed the proposed configuration of the capacitor banks (directly connected to existing substation bus, connected to separate bus by node circuit breaker, etc).
  • Prepared a technical and cost comparison of the options.
  • Prepared a formal report outlining our findings.
Pictures of the Project
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