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West Cape Wind Farm Teleprotection

Maritime Electric Company Limited
Renewable Resources
Project Management
Field Services
Electrical Engineering Studies
Project Title: 
West Cape and Norway Wind Plants, Prince Edward Island, teleprotection and SCADA system conceptual design, control panel design, drawing preparation, communications facilitation, and equipment specification
Services We Provided: 
- Electrical Engineering Studies
- Design and Specifications
- Field Services
- Project Management
Project Description

Project involved the preparation of a conceptual design for a teleprotection and SCADA system for the Western Prince Edward Island region; the detailed design of the teleprotection/SCADA control panels to be installed at the West Cape and Norway Wind Plants; and specification of teleprotection equipment.

Scope of Work

The specific scope of the project included the following elements:

  • Met with Maritime Electric and Wind Farm developer to discuss in general terms the project intention and to establish/identify the division of work amongst those present
  • Prepared a detailed communications schematic for the Western PEI region, which included fibre optic cable, microwave radio links, and copper.  
  • Prepared detailed design drawing package for the construction of the teleprotection/SCADA control panels to be installed at the West Cape and Norway Wind Plants, including power distribution, panel layout, and wiring diagrams.
  • Prepared detailed wiring diagrams for the interconnection between the Maritime Electric Teleprotection/SCADA panels and the Vestus Equipment.
  • Evaluated and Specified teleprotection equipment for the Western PEI region.

Pictures of the Project
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